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“Your life on the water begins here”

Southern California is one of the best places to SUP in the world. We are lucky to have an expansive playground to explore, with access to the Pacific Ocean as well as numerous inland waterways. The challenges associated with ocean paddling, not to mention the busy inland and enclosed waterways that abound with all kinds of boater traffic, are numerous. Educating the paddling public about how best to create and control momentum with their paddle while teaching them the rules of the road, etiquette, and the variety of natural wind, wave and weather conditions we may encounter while strengthening and building paddlers’ confidence is what Paddle Method is all about. We honor the individual paddler’s learning curve and want to provide a safe, fun, learning environment that all levels can enjoy. SUP is fun and paddling with strength, confidence in the company of other enthusiastic paddlers is what Paddle Method is all about.”

Tim Sanford – Founder

About Paddle Method

Paddle Method is an accredited SUP school that is all about making SUP instruction fun and accessible for all. Paddle Method is a learning methodology that takes a complex paddle stroke technique (derived from a SUP race and SUP surf paddle stroke) and breaks it down into easy to understand elements so that paddlers of all levels will be able to paddle confidently and get a low impact, high powered calorie burning water workout. This technique focuses on engaging and synchronizing body movement with the paddle stroke in order to create, maximize and control the paddler’s momentum so that anyone can have fun and explore all the waterways that southern California has to offer with confidence.

Paddle Method offers levels 1 and 2 classes along with a level 3 signature water workout for paddlers to work on advanced moves and become stronger paddlers at the same time. (Level 1 = beginner, level 2 = intermediate and level 3 water workout = advanced) flat water SUP classes along with personal and small group coaching so that anyone can join in and move up the learning curve at their own pace.

Level one classes start with water safety, equipment, reading the conditions and rules of the road. The focus of the technique section is board control and engaging the muscle groups in the arms, shoulders and mid section or “core” of the paddler.

Level two flat water instruction reviews the upper body movement with the aim of moving the power source further down the body and into the hip. Hip rotation, synchronized with upper body movement is the name of the game. Basic turns are modified to include more advanced moves; including; step back and pivot turns, compound turning maneuvers, using wind and waves as a source of energy.

Level three flat water instruction is essentially a water workout and paddle technique clinic where the goal is for paddler’s to synchronize and engage all the muscles from their head to the their toes into the stroke. The paddler shifts from pulling the paddle to them to pulling themselves to their paddle. Advanced paddlers work on new hand and foot placement positions for maximum performance while speed and body control drills are augmented with beach and board calisthenics.

Personal and Small Group Personal Coaching is for the SUP enthusiasts who want to build more knowledge, get truly unique water workouts along with the chance to explore Socal’s waterways. Personal coaching offers a chance to get individual attention on your stroke for maximum results, state-of-the-art GPS and Stroke rate monitors are used in conjunction with Video and goal specific drills and, for some, SUP race and SUP surf opportunities.

Paddle Method offers the best guided SUP tours in LA! All tours have an instruction component embedded geared for beginners and intermediate paddlers so that all anyone can learn basic and intermediate stroke technique while exploring the scenic waterways in and around Los Angeles — from Malibu to Palos Verdes!

Paddle Method uses only top quality boards and performance paddles for all lessons, tours and workouts and offer equipment rentals for those who want to practice their stroke on the best SUP gear available.